"Brian is so helpful. He listened to my issues and made me feel he understood all their weird symptoms and difficulties I was having by explaining what was going on. I was beginning to loose hope after 4 months of physical therapy elsewhere. I am a 50 year old female and I had reconstructive ankle surgery last year in July due to a congenital deformity that I did not know I had until about 3 years ago when it continually got worse and I finally got an MRI showing the cartledge was almost all gone, the bone looked as if it were shaved off flat and 3 ligaments were missing. Prior to that I was pretty active with Body jam, zumba, karate, snow boarding, etc. etc. I am not supposed to do high impact dance classes or karate sparing any more but thanks to Brian I was able to ski for 3 days, at the gym I can do split squats, reg. Squats, walk the antique market at Round Top all day and now I think I am ready to book a 10 day backpacking trip to Japan where we average about 10 miles a day.....Oh and I can wear girly high heels again, LOL I can also sleep at night without my heating pad as I am getting a lot of the feeling back in my foot....Thanks Brian!"

Jennifer P.

Brian has treated several members of my family, and we have all greatly benefitted from his expertise. Unlike physical therapy I’ve had elsewhere in which PT assistants provided most of the care, Brian is able to dedicate his attention 100% to his patients. Highly recommended!

Justin T.

After going to a chiropractor weekly to attempt to alleviate the chronic sharp pain in my shoulders With NO relief.  I decided to try another way.  After working with Brian for ONLY 3 sessions the pain has been completely worked away and he has given me exercises to do to prevent the pain and knots in my back from returning.  I couldn’t recommend Brian more!!!

Vanessa J.

Awesome!! Super knowledgeable and friendly. Helped me realize my lower back pain from sitting at work was actually caused from the hips! Thanks to Brian I now know how to stretch those suckers out. Highly recommend!

Alan T.

Brian is an absolute angel. He’s always ready to approach the day’s session based on where I’m at in a training cycle and anything that’s coming up. No two sessions are alike and I really appreciate that. Since I started treatment with him it’s obvious he’s made an effort to learn more about powerlifting in order to know how to best provide relief and that level of commitment is unmatched by many in this field. Thank you for everything, Brian!

Cheyenne L.

Results! No one wants to manage pain, they want pain gone. Brian works to get you the results you want. If you are injured, run, well, at least limp as fast as you can, to see him. Last fall he helped my strained calf heal quickly and currently he is helping get my chronic SI joint and hamstring pain eliminated.

Colleen S.


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